“Hereditas Monasteriorum” is an international interdisciplinary biannual journal published by the Laboratory for Research on the History of Religious Orders and Ecclesiastical Congregations (LARHCOR) at the Institute of History, University of Wrocław. Some articles are published under the project Cultural heritage of dissolved monasteries on the territory of former Poland and in Silesia in 18th and 19th centuries: fate, significance, cataloguing (11H 11 021280) financed within the framework of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s “National Programme for the Development of Humanities”.
Texts published in “Hereditas Monasteriorum” are peer reviewed.

“Hereditas Monasteriorum” is on the scored journals list (Part B) published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and is indexed in the following databases:
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Published volumes:

Hereditas Monasteriorum 1

HM, 1, 2012

Hereditas Monasteriorum 2

HM, 2, 2013

Hereditas Monasteriorum 3

HM, 3, 2013

Hereditas Monasteriorum 4

HM, 4, 2014

Hereditas Monasteriorum 5

HM, 5, 2014

„Hereditas Monasteriorum”, 6

HM, 6, 2015

„Hereditas Monasteriorum”, 7, 2015

HM, 7, 2015

„Hereditas Monasteriorum”, 8, 2015

HM, 8, 2016


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